The Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations 2008 (BPR’s)

require that you be made aware of all matters relating to the use of the Enomatic

system in the market, specifically to ensure that it is used in compliance with

current legislation which applies to its use in the UK.


Under the Weights & Measures Act 1985, all wine dispensing equipment such as the

Enomatic Wine Dispensing System are required to have a Type Approval Certificate

(TAC) in order to be legal for the dispensing and sale of wine without further



Enomatic Wine Dispensing systems do not have TAC approval as we feel it important

to allow our customers to have the option of adjusting volumes themselves. It is

essential however, that to comply with the Act users of any such systems are required

to verify the volume poured by the use of marked and lined glassware, or by using a

certified measure to verify the volume poured. We also advise that a sign be put up

informing customers in the event of a short measure to speak to a member of staff for

a top up to be arranged.


The Weights and Measures (Specified Quantities) (Unwrapped Bread and Intoxicating

Liquor) Order 2011 altered the law on quantities that wine can be served in from 1st

October 2011. These changes mean that still wine sold by the glass must be sold in

quantities of 125ml or 175ml or a multiple of either.


Fortified wine sold by the glass must be sold in 50ml or 70ml measures or multiples of

either. Therefore, port, sherry and vermouth for example must now only be sold in

50ml or 70ml measures or multiples of these.


The Order also changed the laws on samples of wine by removing the requirements

for specific quantities to be used for samples of wine below 75ml. Therefore, you may

now sell a “sample” of wine, which as long as it is below 75ml requires no declaration

as to quantity. However, if you do make reference to quantity for the samples then the consumer must receive that quantity in stamped and approved glassware or



It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the Enomatic Wine Dispensing

System is used at all times in compliance with the Weights & Measures Act 1985 and

all other legislation relating to the sale of alcohol to the public. It is the trader’s

responsibility to check with their local licensing departments as to whether the use of

the self-service wine dispenser will be within their licence conditions.

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